Welcome to Issue 11

Editor's Letter

Over the past year, we've traveled from Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks to Lion's Arch and Divinity's Reach, took a detour to Caledon Forest and Kessex Hills and returned to Lion's Arch, all because of the sylvari Ceara, otherwise known as Scarlet Briar.

In this issue, we'll look at what Scarlet really saw, offer you an extensive recap of the Living Story Season 1, take a look at what we know of the various alliances Scarlet created and see what became of the once bustling townshaven of Lion's Arch. As an added bonus, we've prepared a fanfiction piece for you, as well as a look at what possible alliances we might've ended up with if things would've gone different. To round things off, we also managed to get some lingering questions regarding the first season of the Living Story answered.

This issue is dedicated to the first season of the Living Story and tries to uncover the truth behind Scarlet's rampage and help you catch up, just in time before Season 2 kicks off.

Ollannach - Project Lead

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