Season One Summary: The Major Characters
Written by Plagiarised

Before we look at the storyline of season one, we must first familiarize ourselves with the major characters of the living story. These characters have a major role in the plot and are often recurring. I will give a brief summary of each of these characters. We will look at all of the great personalities, from the young norn Braham to the mischievous Scarlet Briar, and how they fit into the storyline and the world of Tyria. Let’s get started.

Braham Eirsson is a nomadic norn, son of Eir Stegalkin and the late Borge, the Sun Chaser. He is known for his brute strength in battle, only being surpassed by his ability to defend his allies. As a young norn he shows many of the characteristics of the norn: brutality, charisma, and recklessness without showing many characteristics that come to his kind with age, such as wisdom and knowledge. The norn is known to have resentment towards his mother.

Rox, previously known as Rox Pickheart, is aggressive but tactical like charr usually are. She shows great fear of living a life as a gladium forever, doing whatever she can to be accepted into a warband. The charr is also known to be quite superstitious in her actions, having many habits to remove bad luck.

Kasmeer Meade is a human, formerly a noble of Divinity's Reach. She shows great devotion and interest in the field of magic, especially mesmeric abilities, although her inexperience of the outside world beyond the human capital becomes clear. She is devoted to Marjory, whom she sees as all she has left.

Marjory Delaqua, also known as Jory, is a private investigator and former member of the Durmand Priory and Ministry Guard. She is dark and secretive about her past but refuses to let it show through in her work. She rarely gives compliments and is conservative in her personal thoughts—the only exception being Kasmeer.

Taimi is an asuran prodigy and a ward of Zojja. She shows great admiration for Scarlet and her work, deeming her search for knowledge and freedom above her maniacal blunders. She understands that the sylvari is crazed but is certain to overlook that fact to work with her. Taimi is known to be arrogant as most asura are, especially to those who see her disability and age as a disadvantage.

Scarlet Briar, formerly known as Ceara, is a sylvari that has rejected the Pale Tree. She is crazed and sociopathic, doing whatever she pleases with a carefree demeanor. Under this personality is a cunning and ruthless killer that stays tactical. She shows great admiration for knowledge, seeking it out for the sake of expanding her mind. However, the sylvari shows an ability to abandon her subjects of knowledge for others, ultimately making her a jack of all trades.

Ellen Kiel is a human captain on the Ship’s Council as well as a member in high ranking of the Lionguard in Lion’s Arch. Her lawful protection of the pirate haven is only overshadowed by her devotion to Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed, whom she sees as a father figure. She is known to hold deep hatred towards the Consortium and the Inquest.

Mai Trin is the captain of the Aetherblade Pirates, currently under the call of Scarlet Briar. She is skilled in fencing and quick witted. She is known to have great fear of Scarlet for unknown reason, although this does not affect her loyalty to the sylvari.

Canach is a secondborn sylvari previously working for the Consortium. Due to his station in the sylvari hierarchy, he can become narcissistic and proud. The sylvari sees himself as a hero of the people, doing what is right no matter what, even at the cost of civilian lives. Presently he shows deep hatred for the Consortium and their actions against him.