Season One Summary: Scarlet's Story
Written by Plagiarised

As season one of the Living Story comes to a close, let us look back at the story with this comprehensive recap. This overview will cover everything that has occurred in the story in complete detail. All character and story development will be discussed. A lot has occurred in the past two years. From the grand struggle of the norn and charr of the north, to the epic finale in Lion’s Arch and Scarlet’s fate, this recap will get you prepared for season two and the following living story.

A note on footnotes: At times, the storyline relies on information that is not directly affected by the main plotline. The story may therefore require additional knowledge on races, kingdoms, technology, and characters. This extra information will be provided via footnotes at the bottom of each page.

A note on chronology: The events written in this overview follow the release schedule of Guild Wars 2. However, some information given by a release may not be in chronological order, and may be moved in this overview to give a better insight into the story of the Living World.
The Living World also includes other storylines and traditional celebrations, but this overview will only cover the integral storylines starting with the 2013 schedule. The following releases will not be included: Shadow of the Mad King, The Lost Shores, Wintersday: The Wondrous Workshop of Toymaker Tixx, Super Adventure Box, Super Adventure Box: Back to School, Tequatl Rising, Blood and Madness, and A Very Merry Wintersday.


Flame and Frost

Flame and Frost

In the Season of the Zephyr, 1326 AE1, strange storms began to brew over the Shiverpeaks while charr and norn refugees crawled from the wreckage of their homes in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, struggling to find shelter in the south. Refugees kept sprawling into the norn and charr capitals, Hoelbrak and the Black Citadel, respectively. The Wolfborn watch2, and Adamant Guard3 were unable to gather any information about the attacks from the traumatized refugees for weeks. As time went by, the information that could be gathered didn't make sense and was passed off as shock; many said that dredge were sighted in the attack, however they were seen using fire magic.4 The unusual weather patterns were later understood to be caused by steam erupting from underground, wrecking havoc with the air temperature and humidity. However, the cause for the steam was still unknown.

After the influx of refugees, many seeked new shelter. A good number of refugees began to go towards Lion’s Arch where a generous benefactor has been providing supplies within the city's walls.5 Later on, the Consortium was discovered to be the generous benefactors, which caused some to distrust the trading company’s generosity due to their previous records.6 The Consortium was set to give them a new home in Southsun Cove.

After the initial attacks, the perpetrator’s assaults started to become more brazen, causing regular sightings of Flame Legions charr and dredge. The Flame Legion were noticed using dredge technology causing speculation of an alliance. It was later confirmed by survivors that the Flame Legion and dredge were working together in the assaults. After their discovery, the Molten Alliance, as they were called, began spying on the locals to gather information. This caused the Black Citadel to convene a war council7 to assess the situation and determine what action should be taken. Due to the publicity of the attacks, the Order of Whispers and the Vigil started to work against the alliance. The Order of Whispers sent a double agent to gather information from the inside while the Vigil chose to locate the hideout of this alliance.

During this time, a young norn traveled to the Black Citadel to request assistance for the defence of his homestead, Cragstead, which was recently captured by the alliance. However, he was denied as the charr were spread thin and couldn’t spare any soldiers. But also because the young norn, Braham, claimed he was the son of the legendary Eir Stagelkin and the late Borge, the Sun Chaser. Rytlock Brimstone, not believing the norn, dismissed him as a liar as sent him to Hoelbrak.8 When Braham arrived at the norn capital, he was also denied any aid by Knut Whitebear. The leader of the norn capital feared that the city will be the next target, choosing not to scatter the forces away from the city. Whitebear decided to reinforce the defenses of the city instead of sending men out in the field. Braham was later discovered to have resentment for his mother, Eir for reasons unknown. He chose to retake Cragstead with only a few allies on his quest. Braham was successful, however many were taken hostage9 to an unknown location, but ultimately bolstered the homestead’s morale.

While the Legions’ war council was in session, a gladium charr who lost all of her warband10 in a mining accident, Rox, was sent to retake Nolan Hatchery11 as part of a test in her efforts to be accepted into Rytlock’s warband, the Stone warband. The Nolan Hatchery was a strategic stronghold for the Legions as it was a main supply of siege devourers12. With aid, Rox was able to secure the Nolan Hatchery and befriend an albino baby devourer named Frostbite. However, they too were unable to save everyone.

The Order of Whispers was able to plant a double agent within the alliance and gathered valuable information. Agent Brandubh of the Order was able to discover that the alliance has begun to dig underground east, south, and west. Prisoners were being taken every day, some put in pens and others used for weapons testing the unstable, but undeniably powerful Flame and dredge technology combination. The dredge technology was altered to be used by the Flame Legion, and flame shamans have begun using transformations on the dredge.13 However, cracks in the alliance were beginning to show as the charr did not like being so deep underground, away from the sun.14 Reasons for the alliance are still unknown; something pushed these two factions together.15

After a few months, the Vigil were able to find the entrance to the Molten base and moved in. With the aid of Rox and Braham, united to combat their common enemy, the Vigil raided the weapon facilities. The cause for the steam was discovered to be the Alliance’s use of fire technology to mine underground. They were able to cave in the facilities by detonating the caverns, crippling the Molten Alliance in the aftermath. In the final days of the war, dredge and Flame Legion captives who were interrogated revealed that the alliance had been run by a city dweller. This person's whereabouts and aliases were unknown at this time.

Secret of Southsun

Secret of Southsun

The merchants and traders of the Consortium had given shelter to refugees driven from their lands by the Molten Alliance, but many of the new arrivals felt more like prisoners than guests. After the events of the Molten Alliance attacks settled down, many refugees took the Consortium's offer of a new life on Southsun Cove.16 The Consortium was moving forward with turning the island into a resort,17 and several tourists as well as nobles arrived on vacation. The settlers later discovered that they were bound to the island by law of contract and couldn’t leave legally. Some refugees, mostly norn18, accepted the home even through unfair circumstances as they saw they had no where left to go. However, most did not appreciate the trickery, as tension between the resettled refugees and their Consortium hosts started to boil over.

In response, Captain Magnus ordered Lionguard Inspector Ellen Keil to deal with the unrest before the upcoming festival in Lion’s Arch. Even though Southsun Cove was under the jurisdiction of Lion’s Arch, the Lionguard could not stop the forced settlers’ pleas as the island was still owned by the Consortium and they had not acted in any criminal way by the laws of the pirate haven. This led to general discontent, as well as a steadily increasing number of riots. Therefore Kiel was ordered to keep the peace between the factions and did so by deputizing any able-bodied individuals.19

Subdirector Noll was assigned to oversee the work of the refugees and the establishment of the Consortium’s Resort. With the help of his golem, Job-O-Tron, he berated and subjected the settlers continuously throughout the day. When arguments arose around the resort (which was common)20, Noll used violent means to subdue and suppress the altercations. When signs of distress began to show, the subdirector was contacted by his superiors for ‘confirmation of enthusiastic settler participation’. However when the unrest began to boil, Noll was directed by his superiors to immediately secure all refugee resettlement agreements and return them to the home office for safekeeping. Consortium Management concluded that the contracts were under threat of destruction and vandalism. When the riots began to escalate to deaths of Consortium members, Management expressed their extreme displeasure with Noll’s handling of the ‘resettlement operation.’ In response, Noll was rejected passage off the island and directed to salvage what he could from their investment in the island resort.

Many nobles arrived on the island, enticed by the Consortium’s promise of ‘fun in the sun’. The nobles affected the Consortium’s income, which affected the councillors who took money from them, which affected Magnus, so Ellen Kiel was tasked with keeping the nobles safe, one of which was Lady Kasmeer Meade of Divinity’s Reach. Meade, who seemed to be a noble, arrived at the island to fact-find for Marjory Delaqua.21

This settler aggression was mirrored by numerous reports of wildlife attacking settlements. Researcher Levvi22 began to investigate the wildlife and their sudden insurgent behaviour. The wildlife within the island had become more aggressive as of late. Later on, Levvi discovered that the wildlife had become riled up due to a flora’s toxin being introduced into the ecosystem. She also concluded that the flora resembles the same kind that sylvari utilize. When the effects of the riots increased rapidly into savagery, a rioter met with Kiel to confess her part in the attacks. The settler, Henrika, wanted freedom and would get a chance when a mysterious sylvari enticed her into rioting for the contracts that bound her. Kiel was able to deduce that the sylvari was most likely someone who knows Southsun Cove and had a grudge against the Consortium: Canach.23

Last Stand at Southsun

Last Stand at Southsun

After the death of the Ancient Karka in 1325 AE, Canach fled from the Lionguard, becoming a fugitive. Canach sojourned and continued to hide for half a year, becoming an expert on guerilla warfare. Throughout his flight, he was being hunted by the Consortium’s ‘decommission teams’ for ‘betraying’ the company. Due to his grueling exposure in the wild and his hardships while being hunted down, Canach’s appearance changed, becoming darker and grimmer.24 During the events of the Molten Alliance, Canach felt sympathy for the refugees and aided the Vigil in raiding the weapon facilities in secret. He forged a gauntlet of fused technology that he now wears as a symbol, seeing himself now as a hero of the people. It was later discovered Subdirector Noll was the individual sending hitmen after Canach; Noll blamed the events of the past year solely on Canach and not the Consortium. These events caused Canach to grow deep hatred for the subdirector.

Former subdirector Blingg (who was downgraded25 in the Consortium for revealing vital information to the Lionguard during the events of the past year), was visited by Canach. Canach demanded information on Noll so he may enact revenge on the asura who plagued him with assassins. Blingg explained that Noll was at Southsun, determined to make the island a profitable resort. Getting the information he needed, Canach left Blingg alive but stole his golem.26

After Canach was discovered to be on the island, a search went out and soon his hideout was located. After he was immobilised, Kiel wondered why a man would come back after he was free. Canach saw himself as a symbol of hope and truly saw himself as helping the settlers; albeit through violent means. He believed as long as the contracts were destroyed, it would be worth the sacrifices. However, Canach reasoned that he would get caught prematurely, and orchestrated the karka to attack the all possible Consortium record hotspots on the island.

In response to Canach’s plan, Kiel gathered the contracts on the island to be sent to Lion’s Arch. When the contracts where loaded onto the ship, Kiel set off a rigged explosion destroying all the contracts in the process. Kiel insists that the attack was Canach’s doing however the settlers are now allowed off the island. The wildlife, still marked for the hot spots, are still a threat on the island. Until now there is no clear way to reverse the effects of the toxin, so the Lionguard sent the nobles off the island for their safety.

Dragon Bash

Dragon Bash

A few weeks after the conflict with Canach and Consortium on Southsun Cove, the first annual Dragon Bash festival was held to honor the defiant spirit of Tyria against the Elder Dragons. Dragon Bash was inspired by the old Canthan Dragon Festival, but with a twist to fit the modern-day realities. The Ship’s Council hosted the event to celebrate the collective victories against the dragons—past, present, and future. The festival saw a decoration of the city, night time fireworks, and activities. However, some considered the celebration of dragons an insult, a disgrace to everyone fighting the dragons; they said the lives of those sacrificed should be acknowledged, not the collective thought of the Elder Dragons. Others protested this fancy celebration is an ineffective cost that is increasing the hardships of job insecurity since the karka invasion of the past year.

One of the main activities was Dragon Ball, a combat arena created by a sylvari named Finolla. She gathered the concept while studying the Bane of the Black Citadel where she met the gladium Volak Ironsnout. With Volak’s help, Finolla was able to raise the gold to create the arena, which was later purchased by the Ship’s Council to be part of the first annual Dragon Bash.

The main attraction of the festival is the effigy lighting ceremony. The ceremony is to represent the ferocious nature the races have shown against the Elder Dragons. Before the ceremony began, the Lionguard were notified by an individual named ‘E’ to be at the ceremony. ‘E’ said that there would be a threat to the council. They explained that they would intervene but circumstances prevent it. As the ceremony began, Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed introduced the three members of the Ship’s Council that would be present for the effigy lighting: Captain Anne Reid, Captain Tokk, and Captain Theo Ashford. Magnus then asked the cultural representatives, members of the races who have lost their kin to the hands of the Elder Dragons, to hand over the memorials of their kin to the pyre so the lighting may begin. When all the items had been placed, an unusual discharge of electrical energy ignited the pyre and exploded. The explosion injured the charr cultural representative, Garrot Ambercowl27 and the three council members. The Lionguard were instantly on the scene, with Inspector Ellen Keil at the helm. As Keil was attempting to expel the chaos, a woman from the crowd volunteered to attempt to heal the wounded. As this was happening, the three council members were placed in a dolyak cart and were sent to Fort Marriner for healing. During the attack, many cultural representatives fled the scene.28

It was later announced that one of the council members did not survive the attack; Captain Theo Ashford was killed.29 In response, Logan Thackeray located Marjory Delaqua in The Dead End bar, in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach. Thackeray explained that Ashford was an old friend and wanted to know who was behind the attack. Logan paid her handsomely for the investigation.

It was later discovered that Marjory Delaqua was formerly part of the Ministry Guard30, but during an investigation of a child’s murder, she was grabbed by ‘E’ from behind31 (she couldn’t see ‘E’). She is then told there are forces in this world that would take us all down unless we stop them together. After that encounter she sometimes gets contacted by the mystery person.

In Lion’s Arch, Delaqua met up with Keil, offering her services towards the investigation. Marjory, after being accepted, uses a Tassi box (the same machine Tassi used in Halloween) to detect any energy fluctuations. It was revealed that the energy discharge was triggered and was not accidental, and that Ambercowl’s body showed signs of arcane residue. The Tassi box was then used to detect if any individuals also had similar arcane residue. It was discovered that the women who attempted to heal the charr, Mai Trin, had the same energy. She explained her plan was to fill the empty seat after a council member was taken care of. When the Lionguard attempted to capture her, her Aetherblade Pirates appeared to even the odds. Ultimately, Mai Trin was able to get away.

Sky Pirates of Tyria

Sky Pirates of Tyria

After the attack, Inspector Ellen Kiel spearheaded the investigation into the murder of the councillor Captain Theo Ashford and later with the escape of the fugitive, Mai Trin, the Lionguard began a search for her hideout. In response to these series of events, Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed made a calculated decision to continue the Dragon Bash festival so fear and chaos would not escalate. During this time, Trin’s aetherblade pirates began to raid nearby holographic projectors, which was created by the asura to be used to project holographic symbols of dragons for the ongoing festival.

Inspector Ellen Kiel successfully located the hideout of the runaway fugitive Mai Trin and her mysterious ‘Aetherblade’ pirates. Thereafter, the Lionguard raided the hideout located at Diverse Ledges in the outskirts of Lion’s Arch. The hideout was using holographic technology to create an illusionary wall to deter intruders. Throughout the raid, the Lionguard were met with deadly resistance by the Aetherblades. The sewer system quickly turned into a shanty town created by the pirates within the mountain range as a base.32 The hideout continued around, facing the Sea of Sorrows, but could not be detected from the outside due to the stolen holographic technology. Later, throughout the spiraling base, the Inquest started to appear alongside the pirates, defending them. At the top of the mountain, the Lionguard found Mai Trin with her First Mate, Horrik, discussing their fear of an individual named ‘Scarlet’ for unsuccessfully opening a council seat. The duo were attempting escape in airship vessels that resembled the Pact’s airships. However, Kiel and the Lionguard were successful in stopping their escape and were able to destroy the vessels.

After the capture of Mai Trin, Kiel began the interrogation process but the Aetherblade Captain stayed tightlipped, however some information was gathered from the base. The Lion's Arch records had no information on the pirates, though the Lionguard were able to capture some of their low-ranking members for interrogation.33 The Lionguard were able to discover that the Inquest were able to financially and scientifically back up the Aetherblade pirates. The Inquest were able to incorporate air magic in the pirates’ arsenal allowing them access to the skies. The vessels the sky pirates used were also stolen from the Pact’s base and later used to build their own designs. The Aetherblades were also able, with the help of the Inquest, two create new weaponry unseen in Tyria: a long and narrow blade that they called a rapier which had proven to be an effective weapon, and a handheld cannon used by Horrik. No other information was gathered about the mysterious individual they called ‘Scarlet’.

Later on, a second Aetherblade base was discovered in Broadhollow Bluffs, outside Lion’s Arch. The Lionguard set out to plunder the second hideout and learnt that it was the garage for another Aetherblade airship. This new information confirmed that the Aetherblade pirates are much bigger than one base within Lion's Arch. Meanwhile, in the city, Magnus discovered that Theo Ashford’s second34 was killed weeks prior in the events of the Molten Alliance. Because there would be an open council seat, the Ship’s Council were forced to have a council election for a new captain. In reply, Magnus nominated Inspector Ellen Kiel for the position. However, as only captains can be nominated35, Magnus commandeered the abandoned Aetherblade airship for Kiel, effectively making her eligible for the election.

Bazaar of the Four Winds

Bazaar of the Four Winds

Due to the assassination of the councillor Captain Theo Ashford and his second in line, the Ship’s Council was obliged to organize an election36 for a new captain. Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed nominated newly ranked Captain Ellen Kiel for the seat. However, Evon Gnashblade, owner of the Black Lion Trading Company, nominated himself for the council seat. This caused heavy friction and competition between the two nominees. Magnus informed Kiel that to get the edge on the election, she needs to get a signed trading agreement 37 with the Zephyrites. Gnashblade, overhearing the conversation, decides to barter the trade agreement himself.

The elusive Bazaar of the Four Winds had commenced. The Bazaar of the Four Winds is a black marketplace where many merchants trade in rare and unique goods at a lower price than that of many of the suppliers in the capital cities around the world, effectively undercutting their business. For this reason, the Bazaar is an illegal trade movement and many authorities, such as the Vigil, attempt to bring the events down. However, Lion's Arch, being a pirate haven, had gotten notice of when the bazaars commence, and the Bazaar is accepted publically. To avoid being caught the Bazaar is set up at different locations throughout Tyria, and the notice is given very suddenly. The location of the 1326 AE Bazaar was located in the Labyrinthine Cliffs38, a system of cliffs along the Deldrimor Front. Due to the nature of the deals, the Bazaar is notoriously known to be dangerous, especially if and when the Zephyr Sanctum docks.

The Zephyr Sanctum is the floating sanctuary built by the Zephyrites, a secluded, zen-like organization composed primarily of humans of Canthan or Elonian descent. The Zephyrites rarely docked on land and mostly did so to gather supplies, choosing to live in the air for years at a time. This caused many of the zephyrites to be disconnected with the world around39, showing ignorance towards the sylvari race, the truce between the humans and charr, and other historical events. The Durmand Priory were able to discover more about the enigmatic organization during the Bazaar. They discovered that the Zephyrites were the successors of the Dwarven Brotherhood. After the transformation of the Dwarves to stone, Glint passed on the guardianship to a select few humans. When Glint was killed by the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik in 1320 AE, her servants trekked to the location of her corpse to prevent the magic imbued within it from falling into the wrong hands. It was there they found the Aspects, and with them they decided to build a Zephyr Sanctum, where they could live above the clouds and study the Aspects in peace. During the Bazaar, some Zephyrites can be heard singing a song, a testament to Glint’s legacy.

During the election Ellen Kiel’s history as a child was revealed. It was revealed that Ellen lost her parents in a shipwreck as a child, and was saved by the hands of the Lionguard, specifically Magnus. This led to Kiel looking up to Magnus as a father figure and would not disappoint him. She owed her life to Magnus. Likewise, some of Gnashblade’s history came to light. It was discovered that Evon came to Lion’s Arch as a soldier of the Ash Legion at the age of twenty, with his warband’s mission to extort the people under the banner of the Black Lion Trading Company. Evon believed the plan would not be fruitful40, and so killed his war leader, Aria Gnashfang, in open combat and established the Black Lion Trading Company ‘properly’.

The council seat was to be determined by whoever can get the Zephyrites to sign a trade agreement with Lion’s Arch. The Council attempted such a feat many times before but was always rejected, therefore the notion was seen as a noteworthy characteristic of a captain to be on the Council. When both Kiel and Gnashblade met with the leader of the Zephyrites, Master of Peace, it was determined by him that a trade agreement would be needed and would be signed to the individual whom the people cared for.41 Hence a pirate voting session was established, causing much theft, vandalism, numerous entries, but all being accepted under the nature of the election. In the conclusion, Kiel was able to get the majority vote and get the trade agreement signed.42 She was then able to win the Council seat.

Queen’s Jubilee

Queen's Jubilee

In 1316 AE, Queen Jennah had been coronated as the Krytan Queen, and adopted the throne. In 1326, on the anniversary of her coronation, Queen Jennah hosted a jubilee to celebrate her ten-year reign as the Krytan monarch. The Queen of Kryta reclaimed the Great Collapse within Divinity’s Reach, and constructed a towering pavilion with the symbol of a griffon, the symbol on Kryta’s crest.43 Although the celebration was in the name of Jennah’s tenth anniversary as queen, she also wanted to hold the jubilee to show to the other nations that humanity has not ‘fallen’.44 Emissaries from all the nations in Tyria were invited to marvel at the ingenuity of humanity’s survival.

Along with the pavilion, the Crown also unveiled humanity’s next leap into technology, the Watchknights.45 The Watchknights resemble golems in the fact that they are sentient beings tailored for commands by their superior. Unlike the asuran golemancy techniques, the Watchknights use rotating cogs similar to that found in a watch, hence the name given to the sentinels. Where the golemancers use magitech to control their golems, Watchknights are control via verbal commands issued through mesmer magic. The creatures were used throughout the pavilion as guards—but just as much as attractions.

Under the pavilion sat the main attraction of the jubilee, a circular arena spoked into six separate areas, each defining a moment of hardships that the krytan nation has endured: Flame Legion, bandits, orges, Destroyers of Primordus, pirates, and centaurs. As it was dangerous (and immoral) to have such sentient creatures locked up for sport, the Watchknights were able to express their second functionality, an ability to change form into such creatures through mesmeric illusions.

As the majority of emissaries began to arrive, Queen Jennah commenced the Opening Ceremony. Jennah revealed the arena and its testament to the Krytan will to survive, as well as the Watchknights and its leap in technology for the human race. Within the opening ceremony, the Ministry Guard were not seen, as Jennah has forbade them from the pavilion, in response to their numerous scandals. Many champions of Kryta arrived to the ceremony at Jennah’s call to test the Watchknights’ strength, including Rytlock Brimstone. However, the Blood Legion Tribune outsourced the duty to Rox, who brought Braham along. Ultimately, the Queen chose her own personal champion, Captain Logan Thackeray of the Seraph Guards, to fight the Watchknights. With mesmer magic by Countess Anise of the Shining Blade, the Watchknight continuously changed forms, but Logan was able to hold off the sentinel. Nevertheless, the Watchknight returned to fight, now in the form of Rytlock, Logan’s old friend.46 When Anise attempted to shut down the Watchknight she found that the commands had been overridden. On queue, Aetherblades rained down on the ceremony causing general chaos around the arena. Throughout the fighting, Anise deduced that whoever overwrote the Watchknight’s commands must be near by. She later noticed a mysterious figure perched on one of the columns. By order of the Queen, Rox attempted to shoot down the stranger with her bow, however the mysterious figure continued to teleport and toy with the young charr. Nevertheless, Rox was able to get a hit after several attempts, which caused the stranger to escape.

Clockwork Chaos

Clockwork Chaos

After the attack from the unknown perpetrator and the Aetherblades, the Seraph recommended the Queen cancel the celebration for fear of her safety. However, the Shining Blade insisted that the attacker desired to disrupt the jubilee. Ultimately, the Queen chose not to close the pavilion, believing that by shutting down the pavilion, humanity would be shown as weak and fallen (which was one of the primary reasons for the celebration). In response, the Seraph Guard47, under orders of Logan Thackeray, began an investigation as well as doubled the patrolling men within the city.

Although the authorities were on high alert for a reappearance by the mysterious stranger, most of the jubilee was uneventful until the closing ceremony. The Closing Ceremony commenced with Queen Jennah taking the stage of the pavilion, giving her speech on humanity’s resolve, unity, and strength. However, the queen’s speech was quickly interrupted by the same fugitive; this time with her hood down and her face revealed to the world. The stranger was revealed to be a female sylvari naming herself Scarlet Briar. She laughed at the ‘endurance’ and ‘trails’ of the human race and began explaining how fragile the Krytan society truly is. To prove her point, the sylvari was somehow able to control the Krytan Watchknights and twist them into twisted, horrific machinery. As the horrors began to cause chaos around the pavilion, Scarlet declared that there were four bombs planted ‘to keep things lively’, and attempted to kidnap the queen. As the maniacal sylvari shot an explosive bullet onto the stage in an attempt to capture the queen, Lord Faren attempted to rescue her. It was later revealed that the queen on stage commencing the closing ceremony was actually a mesmeric illusion created by Anise in an attempt to bait the mysterious fugitive. The plan was successful, but as the knowledge of the plan was only limited to the queen and the Shining Blade; Lord Faren was rewarded with a fall into the arena level of the pavilion. During this time, the Seraph were able to successfully disarm the four bombs and Watchknights around the pavilion. Scarlet, however, did not seem phased by the progress of these events as she revealed the location of a fifth bomb located at the evacuation point for the Seraph and citizens alike. The Seraph failed to reach the disarm in time causing large amounts of civilian and Seraph casualties. After the bombing, Scarlet traveled to the secluded arena level of the pavilion48, effectively locking her inside the arena with a number of hostages while she kept taunting and berating the queen’s ‘endurance’ and ‘trails’.

As the chaos continued, the Seraph were issued with finding a way into the arena, while the Shining Blade wanted to know more about the terrorist to better combat her unpredictable nature. An emissary from Rata Sum, Vorpp, was able to distinguish that the sylvari was able to travel into the pavilion through teleportation, similar to that seen by his own kind. The asura concluded that by reverse engineering her portals, the Seraph may gain access to the arena floor.

As time passed, more information about Scarlet and her history began to surface. It was discovered that upon waking from the Dream of Dreams, the sylvari was inundated by the ‘complex systems of small, interlocking parts that affected one another in an ever changing dance’ and fascinated by this life itself that she was now a part of. Upon awakening, the sylvari was given the name Ceara and was told of her purpose as the Pale Tree directed of her. Ceara almost felt offended by the linear lifestyle her people had to endure.49 Choosing to follow her own path, the sylvari left the Grove after eight years of voracious study to explore the world and learn about the ever-changing mechanisms that define it. She became a solitary scholar, first learning the smith crafts of the norn in Hoelbrak that defined their culture. She was accepted as an apprentice to a norn named Beigarth who taught her the basics of smithing and metallurgy. Just like her study at the Grove, the lessons at the norn’s capital were not a full meal capable of sating her hunger for knowledge. So she left Hoelbrak an a winter’s time, even under Beigarth’s insistence to teach her more advanced methods.50 Next she continued her hermit-like lifestyle to charr lands where she learnt of projectiles and firearms from a gladium named Asagai, but just as before, the scholar abandoned her work, only learning basic and some intermediate skills. Ceara finally decided to travel to Rata Sum, hoping that the asura may sate her hunger.

Being accepted by the colleges of Rata Sum became a difficult obstacle for the non-asura. However, when the sylvari showed her skills with rudimentary golemancy, she was allowed a simple Dynamics course to assess her capabilities. Ceara believed she was being accepted for her knowledge, but this wasn’t the case (although she was exceptionally intelligent for a sylvari); she was accepted because of the asura’s curiosity to study the sentient plantlings since the race’s awakening.51 Within two years she was shown to be quite intelligent and completed the shortened course template52 she was given for both Dynamics and Statics. When given the same opportunity in Synergetics, Ceara found the field as boundless as her interest. The Headmaster of Synergetics, Omadd, taught her the theories and basis of the Eternal Alchemy, that it was a metamagical engine or a transcendent equation to be solved. However, Ceara believed that the Eternal Alchemy was a key to ‘access the basic fabric of reality itself’. Her thesis was not received well by the Arcane Council, nevertheless, Ceara did not care as she was separating herself from their rigid collegiate system. She then joined the Inquest, who allowed her more knowledge that the colleges were ‘scared’ or ‘dangerous to explore’. Later Omadd was able to track her down when she studied with the Michotl tribe53, backing her thesis and wanting to explore it further. They both studied and prepared an experiment that, Omadd predicted, will ‘transcend the physical body and delve into the metaphysical vortex of reality’.

Ceara eagerly waited to set up the isolation chamber so she could she the inner mechanisms of this world. Inside the machine, she saw the universe stretched out before her, and then Tyria. But then the voice of the Pale Tree pleaded the sylvari not to go on, insisting that by seeking to comprehend the forces that shape them, she will unleash them. At that moment, Ceara’s view changed to the Pale Tree in the Grove with red thorn vines54 creeping around the bark of the tree. Ceara realised that the vines were her, understanding her purpose. The Pale Tree attempted to plead with her once more, telling her if she was not one with what she was born to be, she would be lost and dangerous.

Upon leaving the vision, the sylvari convulsed inside the machine. When she woke up she explained to Omadd that she saw ‘everything’. She then declared to the asura that her name now was Scarlet Briar, (going against the conventions of the sylvari culture). Scarlet then killed Omadd.

After some time, Vorrp was able to reverse engineer a portal into the arena level by gathering information from the teleportation technology found in Broadhollow Bluffs. The asuran emissary was able to conclude that Scarlet used the same teleportation methods seen through the steam machines. How and why Scarlet was able to use this ability is still unanswered. When the portal was open, the Seraph were able to rescue some of the civilians, however Scarlet was prepared using Aetherblade ships to make a get away.

Twilight Assault

Twilight Assault

After learning of the supposed connection between the Aetherblades and Scarlet, the Lionguard began to list her as a high priority target. More than law enforcement, the pirate haven wanted vengeance for the late Councillor Theo Ashford. Intelligence was later gathered that the fugitive was located in Twilight Arbor within sylvari territory in the Tarnished Coast. By order of Magnus, Deputy Turma spearheaded a raid on the supposed stronghold of Scarlet Briar. However, Caithe, a firstborn of the sylvari, was also on the scene with her own agenda. Caithe revealed that before Ceara left the Grove, the firstborn met her and were not impressed. She explains that Scarlet sent a direct challenge to Caithe, claiming to know secrets of the secretive sylvari. At the time, the Lionguard was prepared with a large strike force to raid the stronghold, but the security system was impenetrable. Caithe decided to send a small Lionguard contingent into the Arbor, while she would attempt to undermine the fortress from the shadows.

The contingent was able to get past the diminished defences of the Nightmare Court55 before being stopped by a holographic message. The hologram depicted Scarlet as she taunted the Lionguard and mainly Caithe. It didn’t take long for the stronghold’s security system to take note of the Lionguard contingent; however, Caithe was able to use the distraction to sneak past in the shadows.56 The team was met with heavy resistance from Aetherblades and, curiously, steam creatures. Throughout the experience, the holograms57 continued to jabe and berate the Lionguard, however, the group was able to pass through into the stronghold. It was discovered that the area was used by the Aetherblades to train and build airships. The Aetherblades also showed an unusual amount of loyalty for pirates. As the group reached the airship stations, a Hologram greeted Caithe with pre-recorded messages taunting her of secrets that not even Faolain knows.58 They also learnt that the Aetherblades were able to reconfigure the hologram technology to be used as bombs. It was also discovered that the Aetherblades showed great fear for Scarlet. As the contingent attempted to fight against the holographic enemies, the real Aetherblades were able to capture Caithe, under Scarlet’s suggestion of where she would attempt to access the stronghold. How she knew where Caithe would be is yet to be revealed.

Within the heart of the facility, Scarlet continued to berate the now incarcerated firstborn. As the Lionguard contingent got through the main room, they discovered Scarlet experimented on an oakheart with machinery and cogs, akin to the Watchknight sentinels. The small group was able to shut down the system, as the main Lionguard force swarmed into the stronghold easily. It was discovered Scarlet was not inside the Arbor; only communicating with her crew through holograms. Nevertheless, the Lionguard closed down the operations and did damage to the Aetherblade Pirates.

Tower of Nightmares

Tower of Nightmares

As Mad King's Thorn day continued on, the local Seraph documented a sudden change in the forestation around the Viathan Lake59 in Kryta. Not long after, a veil appeared within the lake, hiding the workings within. The radical changes within the area attracted an agent from the Order of Whispers and scholars from the Durmand Priory and Divinity’s Reach. The agent were able to notice increase of activity from the local krait. The veil was thought to be a mesmeric illusion, and as such, aid from Lady Kasmeer Meade called.

Eventually, in 1326 AE, Meade was able to conclude that a mesmer had formed the illusion. As such, proper preparations went into countering the spell. Thereafter, Kasmeer was able to crack the veil60, dopping the curtains on a massive tower built of wood gathered from the forests around the area, guarding a enormous plant. During the time, Sergeant Walters of the Seraph was stationed to protect the duo, but was intercepted by a group of Nightmare Courtiers and local krait. The Toxic Alliance were able to cause a horrific hallucination on the Seraph contingent that cost most the ability to continue. After unveiling the tower, Meade and Delaqua were ambushed by the alliance, spearheaded by a krait Oratuss, for the disruption of their workings. After the ambush was fended off, Marjory expressed her distaste of the area and wanted to be back at Divinity's Reach, while Kasmeer showed intrigue in the tower and its mesmeric capabilities. Kasmeer surmised that the tower was guarding something valuable, something dangerous.

Later, a camp at Thunder Ridge was erected as a base point of operations for the Vigil, Order of Whispers, and the others involved. The Orders were quick to realise (with unfortunate results), that the tower spouted a destructive toxin that clouded the entire region, causing mass hallucinations and sickness.61 When the tower was open a group of the Orders was sent into the tower for scouting, but they never returned. As the tower continued to affect the region, offshoot seedlings began to sprout throughout the province, affecting the wildlife and poisoning the areas. In response, The Vigil and the Order of Whispers were tasked with taking down the offshoots plantlings.

During this time, a Durmand Priory Scholar, Ela Makkay, went to work at deducing a reason for the unlikely alliance of krait and Nightmare Courtiers. It was revealed that the krait were a powerful race that lived in pillared cities far out in the ocean, but recently moved into shallower waters. The krait were excited at the prospect of regaining their power, which Makkay theorizes, means the krait’s lost prophets are finally returning. Ela was also able to conclude that the Nightmare sylvari that are currently aiding the krait are only an offshoot of the true factions, surmising the courtiers are a fringe group banished for their radical ideas. At the same time, Marjory Delaqua continued to work for an antitoxin that would counter the effects of the tower, while continuously showing fear for Kasmeer’s safety who showed interest in the toxic alliance’s use of mesmeric abilities. By gathering samples from the offshoots, Marjory was able to create an effective antitoxin for the tower allowing relative safety into the heart of the fortress.

The Nightmare Within

The Nightmares Within

Due to the antitoxin that was created by Marjory Delaqua, the three Orders were able to engineer air purifiers to stop the toxins from getting into their systems, effectively making the entrance to the nightmare tower relatively safe.62 Within the tower, the collective force of the Seraph, the Vigil, the Order of Whispers, and the Durmand Priory were able to chart the tower’s defences, however, the losses were severe. Meanwhile, the toxin continued to spread throughout the region, lingering longer in the air and causing the hallucinations to become even more severe. Broken pasts and increased anxiety came to resurface within the minds of the victims. The tower continued the effects on all inhaled the toxin.

While traversing the tower, illusions and hallucinations continued to blur the minds of its victims, leading them astray. Lady Kasmeer Meade took the lead, knowing the effects of illusions better than the average soldier.63 The tower was discovered not to be a fortified location, but a wall covering the huge toxic plant on all sides. The tower was created to defend the plant as its full purpose came to fruition, which at the time was unknown. It was revealed that the tower was defending not only by the newly created Toxic Alliance, but also Aetherblade Pirates, Molten Alliance, and Clockwork Minions. In the meantime, Durmand Priory Scholar Ela Makkay was able to conclude that the krait joined with the Nightmare Court fringe group because they were given obelisk shards as proof of the returned prophets. She further analyzed that the obelisk shards have similar magical radiation to that of The Bloodstones.

Finally, Marjory and Kasmeer, as well as a small contingent that survived the raid, were able to reach the top of the tower. Marjory theorizes that Scarlet might be behind the tower, given that her other creations have been sighted during their ascension. Upon reaching the top of the tower, the duo entered the heart of the tower keen on injecting the antitoxin and ending its effects on the province. Within the tower, it was discovered that Scarlet went to the splintered Nightmare Court faction first. It was also discovered that the Oratuss64 of the Krait allied only to bring the prophets back into this world. Upon reaching the heart of the tower, the Oratuss was overheard fighting with a Courtier about infidels being in the presence of their prophets. When Marjory and Delaqua were exposed, Scarlet Briar appeared via teleportation. The crazed sylvari began to berate the allies as she took a sample of the toxic seeds. Before any action could be taken, a swollen cocoon began to open. Scarlet made an escape will a young krait sprouted from the cocoon. The alliance, believing this to be the prophet, protected it at all costs. It was noted that the krait began to age and grow at an alarming rate, becoming an adult in a matter of minutes. The ‘hybrid’ was also noted to have sylvari-like leaves and thorns. However, the contingent was able to kill the creature as it shouted,”No! I cannot be the last of my kind!”. Whether this creature was truly a prophet of the krait is yet to be realised.

After the creature’s death, Marjory injected the antitoxin; however, as more antitoxin was used it became clear that the tower began to react, learning to counter the effects and to become stronger. Marjory was able to search the heart and locate a hidden passage that led to a chamber. Inside the chamber, they found technology from all the alliances Scarlet created: Molten, Aetherblade, Watchknights, and now Toxic. It was discovered that the toxic seedlings are immune to heat and that the Watchknights at the jubilee were set to be controlled by audio commands. When pieces of all the creations were thrown into a forge, a ball of energy was created, which Marjory used in combination with the antitoxin to get through the new barriers. When the improved antitoxin was injected, the tower began to groan as if it was alive. As the final toxin reached the plants system, it began to crumble, forcing the whole tower to collapse.

In the aftermath of the tower, many of the wildlife became displaced65, becoming refugees and needing new homes. Some Consortium members were spotted attempting to negotiate with the refugees but were always turned down by the Lionguard taking care of them. At the Thunder Ridge campsite, Marjory and Kasmeer met Rox and Braham (who were part of the assault force into the tower) for the first time. The effects of the tower still continue to linger within the province, albeit in a weakened state.



As the Tower of Nightmares was being filled with antitoxin, newly elected Council member Ellen Kiel was at work delivering one of her promises66 to the people. Kiel, under the authority of the Lionguard and the Captain’s Council, took control of the Mistlock Observatory for research into the Thaumanova Disaster. While Ellen commanded Dessa to calibrate the machine to the event, the mysterious asura honestly believed that no such disaster ever occurred in the reactor site. When the asura was threatened to be taken to Lion’s Arch, Dessa67 expressed complete adamancy to stay with her work. Ellen discerned that Dessa was unusually loyal to her superiors and her work. She looked like her world was ending when told to leave the Observatory, Kiel observed.

When the event had been isolated, a group of Lionguard went in to investigate the fractal with Ellen Kiel staying in the Observatory to observe from the outside. Within the fractal, the Lionguard were turned into an Inquest contingent. The fractal took place minutes before the reactor exploded, and as such the fractal showed off the charts, energy readings, and random teleportations. Upon finding two dead asura, Dessa explains that they used to be part of her former krewe. The group’s task was to reach the reactor core and take a sample, however, the reactor was too hot to retrieve the sample so there were tasks first to cool it down. They disabled the colliders in the adjacent labs to lower the temperature.

As minutes passed, the reactor began to overheat drastically. Scarlet Briar was observed within the reactor site. She explains that she warned the Inquest that chaos magic was a misnomer. She was also able to discover a breakthrough in magic, identifying a network of magical channels that crisscrossed the globe. Briar was able to conclude that the type of research the Thaumanova Reactor was used for shouldn’t have been done on an intersection of those channels.

When Scarlet disappeared, Dessa observed the energies with the site becoming something of an anomaly. She surmised that the full meltdown was only moments away. The anomaly was observed to be a creature of magical energy that was not seen in Tyria before. Not Dessa nor Kiel were able identify the anomaly. Thereafter, the Thamanova Reactor reached critical mass and exploded.

Later, within the Mistlock Observatory, Kiel gathered the information to take back to Lion’s Arch and also asked Dessa to come back with her.68 Dessa refused explaining she cannot, but Kiel was adamant about not leaving the Observatory is Consortium hands. However, when Dessa attempted to walk through the portal to Lion’s Arch, she reappeared back in the Observatory seemingly not remembering any of the events that have transpired. Back in Lion’s Arch, Ellen gathered the information on the disaster. She concluded that the Thuamanova Reactor was intended to study chaos magic, however the Inquest drove things in dangerous new directions. The Inquest claimed there was a link between chaos energy and Elder Dragon energy, but they ramped things up past the point of safe operations and caused the meltdown. They were also able to identify channels that this magical energy follows as it courses around and through the globe.

The Origins of Madness

The Origins of Madness

In the new year of 1327 AE, in the Season of the Zephyr, The Vigil began documenting many mysterious probes69 that were found throughout Tyria, their purpose remaining in secrecy. Within False River Valley in the Shiverpeaks, a grand flying object was sighted portalling in a twisted monstrosity. The giant marionette, resembling a Watchknight, was chained to the flying object. The Durmand Priory surmised that it was a weapon of sorts and were tasked with shutting it down.

It was revealed that the marionette was created by Scarlet Briar, using it as a weapons test for unknown reasons. It was also discovered that the marionette needed clockwork horrors to charge up the weapon so it could be powerful enough to engulf a whole region. Portals were created for the clockwork to reach the power regulators so that they could power the machine. The Priory were able to configure the portal to allow allied access to the power regulators. When the regulators were destroyed, the chains anchoring the marionette were severed and the machine was stalled, albeit will substantial losses to the allies.

Joining the fight against the machine was Marjory, Kasmeer, Rox, and Braham who had all been affected by Scarlet’s schemes, as well as a young asuran prodigy named Taimi with her golem Scruffy. Taimi showed extreme admiration for Scarlet and her work, explaining that being a homicidal maniac does not make you any less of a genius in the eyes of the young prodigy.

After the defeat of the marionette, Rox theorized that Scarlet doesn’t care whether she wins or loses against them. She explains that she might just be fighting to ‘cull the herd’. When the group expressed their concern over the mysterious probes, Taimi reassured them that they are not offensive, but are only used to search for something. Later, Logan Thackeray arrived on the scene only to run into Taimi. The Captain of the Seraph expressed his concern of a child being alone on the battlefield, which Taimi responded by saying that her parents were dead. Logan then agreed to take the small asura to Lion’s Arch. Meanwhile Rytlock Brimstone and a group of charr had been studying the probes, deducing that the probes were searching for something magical and huge.

In Lion’s Arch, Scholar Ela Makkay of the Durmand Priory began to inform all able bodies of the outlaw Scarlet Briar. The scholar explained the history of the sylvari, explaining what she saw beyond this world broke her mind. She also revealed that the Priory located one of Scarlet’s labs70 under the Durmand Priory. During this time, Rox met up with Rytlock Brimstone about her trial into the Tribune’s famous Stone warband. Rytlock explained that Rox would definitely get into the warband if she killed Scarlet Briar. Later, Braham met up with Rox explaining his concern that if she does get into the warband, she will become as tied up as the rest in the secretive warband are. Braham left Rox to ponder only to be interrupted by Logan and Taimi. Logan expressed his distaste that a child was on the battlefield, believing that Braham was her guardian. However, Taimi continued to berate the norn and convinced Logan that they both know each other. Later, Logan met with Marjory Delaqua about concern for how Kasmeer was feeling. Marjory also asked the Captain if he knew anyone by the name of ‘E’, which Logan didn’t. It was also revealed that the Shining Blade have been keeping the Queen tightly close due to the recent events and leaving Logan far away from her. Later, it was discovered that Kasmeer was a former noble of Divinity’s Reach whose family went into bankruptcy after Kyle, her brother, gambled all the money. After being bankrupt, her father took the blame for Kyle being taken to prison. Their house and belongings were repossessed, but a ministry guard took pity on the now poor noble. He was allowed to keep any one item so Kasmeer took a stuffed bear that was sentimentally valuable but not financially. Later, her father died in debtor's prison.

The Durmand Priory later went to Scarlet’s lair to find information on the sylvari. Many notable things were found within the lair. Many drawings were shown of the pale tree being wrapped by thorns, and a lineup of attempted alliance created by the sylvari.71 Tables were lined up of equipment such as a miniature probe, clockwork schematics, and an antitoxin injector. There was also found a portrait of Omadd, Scarlet’s mentor, on the wall with knives and rips throughout. The most notable item found was a journal written by the sylvari herself. The journal documented the sylvari as she was continuously tormented by an entity in her nightmares. The entity communicated to the sylvari through images of death, destruction, and destiny. Scarlet later was consumed by the entity and was no longer scared. The Durmand Priory set out to find when this journal was written.

Edge of the Mists

Edge of the Mists

At the same time the Twisted Marionette threatened Lornar's Pass, during one night, Aetherblade pirates were able to free their Captain, Mai Trin. During the escape, former vigilante Canach was free to escape with them but chose not to.72 After Trin’s escape, a message was played to the Aetherblade Captain from Scarlet, telling her that she has work for her in the Mists. Thereafter, the Aetherblades were able to create a portal to the Mists for escape. In the commotion, Taimi ran after the captain through the portal, in hopes of getting close to Scarlet with Braham reluctantly behind. The following day, the Lionguard questioned Canach on his nonintervention in the matter. Canach explained that he and Scarlet may share a similar fixation on self-determination but considers himself above it. He seeks to define his role in the world while Scarlets seeks to define the world for her roles. It was revealed that the sylvari did not wish to escape, accepting his punishment. Later, the probe under Lion’s Arch turned green, foreboding something unknown.

In the Dead End Bar, Divinity’s Reach, Marjory, Kasmeer, and Rox took note of the green probe. They decided they must gather information on the crazed sylvari to better understanding what is in store for the future. Marjory, who is revealed to be in good standing with the Durmand Priory, issued help gathering all the evidence to conduct an investigation. It was also revealed that Marjory and Kasmeer met each other six months ago after Meade’s bankruptcy. They have also been a couple for quite some time. Also, Rox was discovered to have a mate, however, he was killed in the mining accident that also took her whole warband.

In a new part of the Mists, Braham and Taimi followed Mai Trin but Taimi’s golem was quickly damaged. It was revealed that Taimi has a critical condition that took the ability from her legs. She also assumes that the condition will soon take the rest of her body. It is also revealed that she is a ward of Zojja and Vorrp. She explains that she admires Scarlet’s stance on freedom, going beyond the realms of what should be capable for her kind. She also surmises that the probes are after ‘transcendent magic channels’ that span the globe, or leylines as they are more commonly referred to. She surmises that the leylines are analogous to ocean currents or weather patterns, but with magic instead of water or air. The leylines are paths that magic chooses to follow. In normal situations, they cannot be seen or touched, but they're real.

After Marjory has called in her favors from the Durmand Priory, she, with the help of Vorrp and Kasmeer, begin an investigation on the past year. A piece of Omadd’s machine was scavenged, which Vorrp surmised was what broke Scarlet’s mind; her madness was an already existing part of her psyche and was simply exposed through the machine. It was also revealed, after studying Molten Alliance technology, that the probes follow the same technology and were used to create them, and that they are probably searching for the leylines beneath Lion’s Arch. The attack on the Captain’s Council was revealed to be an attempt of Scarlet’s to get a puppet on the Council to weaken its defenses from the inside. The Aetherblades were also discovered to be used as air superiority in a war. It was also discovered that the Steam creatures that were found resemble similarities to Scarlet’s clockwork machines, explaining how she could take control of them. When studying the toxin from the Tower of Nightmares, Marjory discovered that it was resistant to the antitoxin that was used beforehand. It was revealed that Scarlet wanted them to create an antitoxin so she can create a more potent mix, capable of taking out an entire city. Scarlet’s Journal was also revealed to have timestamps dating the entries from 1322 AE to 1323 AE. It was discovered that something is taking control of her partially. Scarlet believing that this is all for her, while the entity believes to be the cause of the plan.

With this information, the three were able to conclude that Scarlet is planning an unstoppable raid on Lion’s Arch. Information was sent to Kiel to push for air defenses, but the other Captain’s Council members denied it believing that they have stopped her ploys before and they can do so again.

Escape from Lion’s Arch

Escape from Lion's Arch

Then came the fateful day to Lion’s Arch that would be known to all who called it home. During this time, Aetherblade airships snuck into Lion’s Arch from above and began the assault on the free city, destroying the asura gates to stop reinforcements. After the surprise attack from the skies, Molten and Toxic Alliance infantry began to swarm the city, the molten borrowing up through the ground and the toxic arriving by sea. As the invasion continued, a grand flying platform entered Sanctum Harbor from the skies. The machine began to drill unto the same exact position of the probe in Lion’s Arch.

A few hours passed as the factions continued to overwhelm the Lionguard. They decided to desperately hold rally points within the city as citizens escaped to nearby refugee camps. Rox and Braham, alongside others, held Trader’s Forum as civilians attempted to escape. The factions were noted not to have much way in organization or strategy, but were made up for in numbers. They surmised that these factions group are securing the city only to keep the Lionguard distracted from the machine in the harbor.

As the invasion continued, the factions began to unleash a miasma73 into the air that slowly engulfed the region. Kasmeer and Marjory held a rally point in the Postern Ward as an emergency asura gate was activated to the Durmand Priory. The Lionguard held their main force in the south, in Fort Marriner.

Some citizens were able to flee the city, including Evon Gnashblade. The merchant of the Black Lion Trading Company attempted to flee the city herding his valuable merchant doylaks with him. The main gates of the city were destroyed in the beginning assault except one. The gate was reconfigured and protected by Captain Shud. Gnashblade went through the remaining gate and was somehow able to close the gate behind him, effectively trapping Shud and the citizens within the city.

The workers at the lighthouse also attempted to flee except Priest Graidy, the keeper of the place. The lighthouse, which was stationed to ferry ships into the harbor, was used to warn approaching vessels about the danger in the city. Despite the protest by his daughter, Ellyna Graidy, Priest Graidy stayed in the lighthouse while the others escaped. His fate is unknown at this time.

Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed spearheaded the Lionguard defense in Fort Marriner. During a skirmish with the Molten Alliance, Captain Magnus was injured, losing an eye. The attack was repelled as Captain Ellen Kiel was able to get to the city via her previously owned Aetherblade airship. The miasma soon reached critical levels and forced the Lionguard to escape under Kiel’s orders. Magnus, determined to hold the fort, which was never lost in all his time alive, denied the order. However, Kiel stood up to her now equal and forced Magnus on the airship along with Canach and Lawson Marriner. The remaining Lionguard and the others that survived fled the city.

As the result of the attack many camps were erected surrounding the city, the most prominent being in Vigil Keep, Bouldermouth Vale, and Stormbluff Isle. In response to the attack, Divinity’s Reach was able to send their hot air balloons to aid in the relief effort74. The Vigil chose to aid the wounded and opened up their doors to the refugees. Within the camp, the healers were swamped with dealing with the wounded from force trauma, combat wounds, and most of all, the miasma gas. They concluded that the gas was able to kill one out of every two patients75. The gas was also observed to be highly caustic; most expire in agony when inhaled. The field hospital was stationed in the open air (to the dismay of the healing squad), due to the Vigil’s infirmary being packed with wounded.

Within the field hospital, Heal-O-Tron (formally Ho-Ho-Tron76) willingly volunteered to the help the wounded.77 Heal-O-Tron was able to observe that the infection appeared to be counteracted by ‘subaether harmonics in a localized energy field’. Later on, The Seraph appeared within the camp looking for the golem, demanding that it was aiding and abetting Scarlet Briar. When the Seraph attempted to capture the golem, it escaped to the Vigil Keep.

Within the Vigil Keep, Evon Gnashblade continued to show strong resentment towards Ellen Kiel and Magnus, determined that if they heeded his warnings, the city would’ve been saved. Later on, the charr merchant was conscripted into Lionguard services under emergency law.78 Since failure to cooperate would result in execution, Evon begrudgingly accepted, being upgraded to Quartermaster. It was later revealed that Evon’s deputizing was Captain Ellen Kiel’s idea. Meanwhile, Heal-O-Tron met up with Gnashblade and requested upgrades to his defensive unit (the golem asked for no weapons). Heal-O-Tron explained that he was going to aid in the assault against Scarlet to earn to goodwill of the Seraph. The golem, offering no gold for Evon’s service, was going to be denied. However, Gnashblade theorised that this act might gain some attention of the Captain Council, and so agreed to help.

Within the camp, Taimi continued to question the refugees about whether Scarlet was sighted in the attack of Lion’s Arch. She explained that she no longer wants to work with the mass murderer but only to observe her. It is also revealed the Zojja, her ward, does not know she is at the Vigil Keep.

In the Bouldermouth Vale camp in Lornar’s Pass, Kasmeer and Marjory waited until the miasma dissipated. They expressed their concern for the outcome, explaining for every person they evacuate, three more die. More was revealed about Marjory’s history. She joined the Ministry Guard as soon as she was able. It was revealed that she regularly sees her mother and her sisters but not her father. She explained to Kasmeer that her father ‘isn’t like yours was’. Shortly after she quit the guard, she joined the Durmand Priory, knowing she could tap into a good source of information to be a detective. She expressed that the Order of Whispers were too secretive for her taste.

Within the same camp, the Priory observed that the gas weapon isn’t the same as the nightmare pollen from the Tower of Nightmares. They also concluded that it doesn’t correspond to any known antitoxin. They also discovered, through the hylek, that the poison can work its way out of a person’s system—if in small doses. Later on, the Priory began to question the refugees, however they showed classic signs of mental trauma.

Battle of Lion’s Arch

Battle for Lion's Arch

As the days passed by, the miasma was pushed out into the Sea of Sorrows by the wind. The Lionguard were able to regroup with the three orders to storm into Lion’s Arch to establish rally points and take the fight to Scarlet. The first group to re-enter the battlefield was the 14th Lionguard Security Force79 as they attempted to establish a foothold in the battered remains of their city. They were able to breach the city and hold Trader’s Forum until reinforcements arrived.

When reinforcements arrived on the scene, Scarlet sent out her main assault knights, twisted forms of clockwork that made a mockery of the Rata Sum colleges. Magnus, now without his left eye, led the attack against the machines. Without the miasma the allies were able to gain ground closer to Scarlet’s drill mechanism, The Breachmaker. However, with Scarlet still alive, Magnus theorised they will soon reach a stalemate. He ordered a Lionguard contingent, including Ellen Kiel, to board the airship and kill Scarlet once and for all. Rox, Braham, Kasmeer, and Marjory volunteered to enter the airship, as well as Heal-O-Tron (who was outfitted with defensive capabilities now).

Getting into the Breachmaker was difficult, however, the allies were able to reconfigure teleportation machines used by the assault knights to reach the airship.80 When the contingent arrived on the drill, Scarlet used a powerful hologram of herself against them. As the battle raged, the hologram began taxing on Scarlet’s energy, so she opted to fight herself refusing to let the contingent disassemble her last line of defense. When the fighting continued beyond what Scarlet anticipated, she rerouted the power from the drilling mechanism to increase the Breachmaker’s capacity to multitask. However, energy expulsion continued to be an issue for the sylvari as the contingent held their ground. She then resorted to fragmenting the hologram to lower its power usage. Finally, Scarlet ran out of patience, as opted to used all her energy81 into clearing the contingent. But ultimately the hologram was disassembled and Scarlet was injured in its process. She screamed as she escaped into the Breachmaker’s lower levels, determined not to let the drilling fail.

In the disassembling, Kiel was injured and chose to retreat through the portal. Heal-O-Tron followed the captain choosing to heal the Lionguard instead of running after Scarlet. Rox, Braham, Kasmeer, and Marjory followed Scarlet to the lower depths of the Breachmaker, only to find the crazed sylvari on the ground attempting to hold her own. Braham told Rox to finish the job so she could finally get into the Stone Warband. When they caught up to Scarlet, she began to ask if any of them wondered why she began all the chaos and destruction. Braham denied the sylvari, choosing not to give her any fleeting satisfaction. She began to explain that ‘Tyria will bow before a new master’. When she questioned what her fate was, Marjory drew her dagger and began to walk towards the downed engineer. Before Marjory could get the job done, Scarlet set of an explosion that threw all of them back.

In the explosion, Braham broke his leg while Rox was far enough behind to survive without fatal wounds. The norn told Rox to go after Scarlet for the Stone Warband, but she chose to stay with her injured friend instead. Kasmeer went to check on Marjory (who took the brunt of the blast). However, she was unmoving and unresponsive to Kasmeer. The mesmer believed her to be dead.

Kasmeer, enraged over the apparent death of her lover, began to attack Scarlet, ready to avenge Marjory Delaqua. Kasmeer continued to try to get near Scarlet, but the sylvari used all manner of grenades and explosives to keep the mesmer at bay. She expressed that she won't let anyone spoil what was inevitable. With illusions, Kasmeer was successful is finishing off Scarlet Briar. In her dying breath, the sylvari explained that they were all fools in thinking her death saved them. During this time, Rox was able to check on Marjory. The charr was able to save the human from certain death. Braham explained that it was a good thing Rox stayed behind.

Over Scarlet’s decaying body, the machine turned blue as the drill struck the leylines. Under the Breachmaker, blue light poured into Lion’s Arch as a line of light was seen moving into the outlying regions. The line of light continued to the Thaumanova Reactor and beyond. The light continued downwards as a pair of enormous teeth began to open. Mordremoth has awakened!

Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath

Battle for Lion's Arch: Aftermath

The Breachmaker reached critical mass. It soon spiraled out of control and exploded. Fragments of the airship were sent through the ruined city of Lion’s Arch, changing the very landscape and razing the ground itself.

As the battle ended and the invaders were driven out, a somber mood fell over the ruins. Squatters began to take to the former city looking for a place to stay, even after the advice from the Lionguard82 that the city is currently uninhabitable. Soon after, looters83 began to pick apart the city for anything they could find.84

Within the ruins, three memorials were erected for those who had died in the battle of Lion’s Arch, those who have gone missing in the attack, and finally those who showed great prowess and heroic attributes during the invasion. The first wall is a monument that displays the names of those citizens, Lionguard, and brave volunteers who fell85 during Scarlet’s siege of Lion’s Arch.86 The second wall showed all who perished in the attack. Near the wall is Ellyna Graidy, daughter of the late Priest Graidy. The priest was confirmed to have died in the attack when he chose to use the lighthouse to warn ships to stay away. The wall with the missing persons is filled with fliers87 and crude pictures88 inquiring about missing Lion’s Arch citizens, some simple drawings by children who lost their parents. The last wall bears a list of names and an inscription that reads, “Let it be known that these brave souls saved Lion’s Arch in its darkest hour. May history regard them as heroes. “

Among the looters and gawkers, the Pact89 made an official appearance through the sylvari member Laranthir of the Wild. In Lion’s Arch, he was there representing the Pact and, by extension, the orders. Laranthir explains that the reason the pact did not officially help save Lion’s Arch is because that is not the mission of the orders.90 They have been tasked with slaying the Elder Dragons. Defending a city from an attack falls outside their charter. However when a dragon’s cry was heard throughout the realm, the Pact decided to make an appearance. The Pact believes that Scarlet’s drilling roused a dragon. Laranthir explains that if they had known that was her plan, they could have justified getting involved in the affairs of the independent city.91

Meanwhile within the Dead End bar, in the Eastern Commons of Divinity’s Reach, Kasmeer, Marjory, Rox, and Braham had a celebration of their victory over Scarlet Briar. Braham is limping from his broken leg throughout the celebration. Later on, Taimi enters the bar to join the group. She explains that what heard throughout Tyria was a dragon’s cry. They surmise that the leylines were an ocean of magic and Scarlet threw a giant rock in the ocean, sending ripples out to the dragon. After a while, Seraph Belinda Delaqua entered the bar looking for little sister, Marjory.92 She explains that she was sent by her mother to check up on her wellbeing. It was revealed that Marjory was very snooty growing up, as she often ordered all the other kids around even if she was the youngest.93 Belinda later left the bar, explaining she will be sent on a long expedition into the Brisban Wildlands in a week. A group of black-market traders have been disrupting the economy within Divinity’s Reach, and reports state they are located in the wildlands. After she left, Taimi explains that Zojja was furious with her roaming the campsites. However the asura believes that Zojja does not care about her, but only about her record. If Taimi does well, it reflects positively on Zojja as her college mentor. Rox explains that she is hiding in the human bar from Rytlock Brimstone. She is afraid to report to the Tribune since she technically failed to kill Scarlet.94 So she has been ignoring his summons. So there the group sat, enjoying each other’s company in this fragile time.

To be continued…

1. The main context is written in the Mouvelian Calendar which starts with the Exodus of the Six Human Gods.
2. The Wolfborn are a nomadic group controlled by Sigfast and Skart, sons of Knut Whitebear.
3. The Adamant Guard is a subdivision of the Iron Legion, issued with the safety of the Black Citadel.
4. Many similar reports were made about the Sons of Svanir, Flame Legion, other groups. The accounts were dismissed for their obscurity.
5. Lionguard reports state that the Consortium set up the shelter without the approval of the Ship’s Council.
6. Previous records state that the Consortium were directly the cause of the Karka Invasion of 1325 AE.
7. The war council was convened by Smoder the Unflinching and housed many of the Tribunes available.
8. Braham chose to go to the Black Citadel for aid first due to his resentment towards his mother in Hoelbrak.
9. Including Ottilia, a crush of Braham, which ultimately gave him reason to strike the weapon facilities.
10. Her warband the, the Pick warband, was killed while Rox was away.
11. The training facility is operated by a Blood Legion warband, the Whip warband.
12. Siege Devourers are a special breed used in military warfare.
13. Those that deny giving fire magic to the Dredge are killed unmercilessly.
14. The charr have been performing Baelfire rituals more regularly.
15. Records show that Primordus was discounted as the reason for the alliance.
16. The refugees had to sign a contract which most denied to read, legally binding them to the island.
17. The Consortium are determined into making a profit from the island, refusing to waste any opportunity.
18. Norn were more likely to be passive, due to their history of running from Jormag.
19. Some Lionguards, such as Turma, disliked the need for deputization of outsiders, and saw no need for such action.
20. One account found in Lionguard reports was the attack of Aggren Vicegrip, who took on three Consortium agents.
21. Whether Meade was on the island for business or pleasure cannot be said for certain; certain information might suggest she escaped her family’s scandals.
22. Levvi was able to stop the Karka Invasion in 1325 AE, by creating a solvent that can penetrate their shells.
23. Canach was incarcerated in 1325 AE due to provoking the karka which started the following karka invasion on the pirate city of Lion’s Arch.
24. The change, according to the sylvari anatomy, can be caused by hardships, temperature, stress, or can be changed willingly, though rare.
25. The Consortium use passive-aggressive means that stay within the confines of the law unless the agent must be eliminated such as the case of Canach.
26. Under Canach, the golem was renamed NULL and was used as a defense mechanism against the Lionguard.
27. Garrot was killed instantly in the attack as he was the closest to the discharge.
28. Reports state Trembling Song, Astorra, Vorrk, Morraloo, and Kasparak were the individuals that fled the scene, but they were later discounted as suspects.
29. The other two captains suffered major inflictions but survived as they were the furthest away from the discharge.
30. She left the Ministry Guard after a conspiracy against a Minister caused the death of a young child named Mendel.
31. Records say she was grabbed so intimately that her fighting instincts never kicked in.
32. The area was created to be used permanently. Evidence states they stayed hidden in the mountain for quite some time.
33. The interrogation were mostly unfruitful. The pirates showed unusual loyalty and laughed maniacally when questioned.
34. Lion's Arch law demands every captain to have a ‘second’ to take the place of the Captain if anything so happened to them, as life on the pirate city is almost short lived.
35. Lion’s Arch law states that only a captain can be on the council. A captain was defined as one who had a vessel as well as a crew to use the ship.
36. Originally, Lion’s Arch law dictates that to get into the Council, the captain must get a majority vote and can buy their way into the seat. However if a majority cannot be formed, an election is used.
37. Due to the nomadic lifestyle of the Zephyrites, a trading agreement would benefit both parties but they stayed reluctant due to the pirate’s selfish lifestyle.
38. The Labyrinthine Cliffs is mostly uninhabited except for a few krait offshore, making it an ideal area for the illegal marketplace.
39. Regardless of their suspicions of others around them, they will sometimes accept those who choose to abandon their old lifestyle for the Zephyrites.
40. Aria Gnashfang, the war leader, chose to extort the city through force which was thought to be too simple for the pirate city.
41. The Zephyrites, being suspicious of the pirates, chose to invest into the captain who showed loyalty, a trait they thought was hard to find in pirates.
42. Kiel was able to get 52% of the votes.
43. The symbol was used because the griffon is a very common creature in Kryta, later becoming synonymous with the kingdom.
44. After the fall of Ascalon and the destruction of Orr, Kryta become the only human kingdom left in the Tyrian continent. This led to many to consider that humanity had fallen.
45. The Watchknights were shaped in female forms to represent Queen Jennah’s defence of the city and the kingdom.
46. Rytlock used the same insult he used in 1325 AE, “I could say the same about YOU, human. Crawling back for forgiveness, Logan?”
47. The guards that were put on patrol were royally titled “Honor Guards” as it was seen so to guard the Queen.
48. The arena level is controlled with a metallic mechanism that closes the area when the festivities are not in effect. Scarlet was able to tamper with this and used portals to go in and out whenever she pleased.
49. This is in reference to the lifecycle of the sylvari: awakening, learning, exploring, and ultimately death.
50. Scarlet only learned the most basic metalsmithing seen in her crafts, but she never expanding her knowledge to create more advanced metals.
51. The first contact the asura had with the sylvari was with one of their firstborn, Melomedies, where they kidnapped him and tested on him. The event left a sour taste but ultimately left the asura with a heightened sense of curiosity towards the plantlings.
52. Records show that she learnt only rudimentary college course, grasping the basics of both Statics and Dynamics before moving on to Synergetics.
53. She learnt alchemy and poisons from the hylek tribe, later using the knowledge in her clockwork horrors.
54. It is theorised by the Priory that this is where she got her namesake; Scarlet Briar.
55. The Arbor continued to uphold its natural defense, which Scarlet used to her advantage.
56. Caithe followed a different path to the Lionguard, choosing to stay hidden.
57. The holograms, stolen technology from Dragon Bash, depicted the Aetherblades and are recorded to explode upon impact.
58. Faolain, a former lover of Caithe, was a firstborn sylvari that was taken by the Nightmare while Caithe stayed loyal to the Dream.
59. Auld Red Wharf, a former town near the lake, was also razed to the ground in the process.
60. She was able to do by searching for a magical ‘weak spot’ in the gigantic veil.
61. Member of note was Katterik, a skritt who died to the effects, as well as Kari, an Arcanist who was trapped by the krait for weeks.
62. While it made the toxic air safer, the enemies continued to be a threat, not be mention the scout force that attempted to erect purifies within the structure.
63. However, she was known to be uncoordinated in the ways of battle, becoming seemingly clumsy.
64. The Oratuss are the religious leaders of the krait. Since there are no written language with the serpentine race, the words of the Oratuss are followed as dogma.
65. Notable examples include Bloomanoo, Peneloopee, and Eereesh of the quaggan race.
66. To stay in the running with the financially secure Evon, she had to promise research which both Levvi and Magnus were going to back up no matter the outcome.
67. This asura still to this day is an enigma to most. Not much is known about her except she works for the Consortium.
68. Kiel was determined not to let such powerful research to stay in the hands of the Consortium but unforeseen circumstances left Kiel unwilling to do so.
69. The probes were noted to electrify you when you make contact with them as well as disturb underground creatures, making them aggressive.
70. The lab used the same holographic technology the Aetherblades used to hide their airports and training facilities.
71. It is important to note Scarlet also attempted to make alliances (unsuccessfully) between different races and organizations in Tyria.
72. Lion's Arch law states that a prisoner may carry out his sentence in the brig or can have his/her billet payed so the sentence can be carried out in the service of their buyer.
73. Reports from the Second Medical Response Squad state that the miasma felt like being scraped from the inside out. Many being infected with coughs and blindness for life.
74. Captain Hao Luen, who was in control of the Xunlai Bank in Lion’s Arch, expressed his resentment towards the human capital for only sending balloons.
75. Those that inhaled too much of the gas were beyond aid.
76. The golem was first issued as Job-O-Tron on Southsun Cove as a Consortium ‘Job Consultant’. After the attack on the island, the golem became Hobo-Tron begging in the Jubilee of Queen Jennah in Kryta. After the golem was accused of involvement with Scarlet Briar, Ho-Ho-Tron was committed to volunteer work in Lion’s Arch during Wintersday 1326 A.E.
77. During his time with the Consortium, the golem was programmed with an extensive medical and biological database.
78. The law, stated under General Emergency Statute 14, allows for the Lionguard to take control of any mercantile groups to act as deputy quartermasters outfitting all active personnel. Failure to do so would result in confiscation of the users wares and a summary execution by firing squad.
79. The 14th Lionguard Security Force’s motto is ‘Marriner’s Might’.
80. This was done by using the same energy frequencies the Assault Knights used, thus ‘tricking’ the mechanism into giving access.
81. Notes from the battle state she used some sort of ‘dark energy’ to power her holograms.
82. Only those with a working permit (which can only be permitted by the Captain’s Council), or those visiting the memorials are legally allowed within the premises.
83. Grave robbers have also been sighted in the ruins.
84. After the defeat of the infamous Scarlet Briar, the city has also begun to get tourists who want to gape at the ruin of the once great city.
85. The exact number is not known but it is believed that Scarlet had killed thousands in the attack.
86. Confirmed to be dead are: Dashiel Howeet, Robert Trinitie, Doc Halvern, Jaf Radlay, Rella, Jikk, Melinna, and Syniad.
87. Once such example is Neomi. 28, Krytan, brown hair. Last seen near the Huntsman’s Station.
88. Another is Voppa. 8, red hair, brown eyes. Last seen in the Trading Forum.
89. The Pact is an alliance between the three orders. It was founded to battle and slay the Elder Dragons.
90. Please note that although the Pact was not officially involved, the three orders (which make the pact) all had a hand in the defense of the city.
91. By law, the Pact has no obligation (legal, militaristic, or otherwise) to get involved in the attack. Their jurisdiction falls only on the affairs of the Elder Dragons. Scarlet’s attack was thought to be (by many, not only the Pact) an independent attack on an independent city that the Pact had no ties to.
92. They both had nicknames for each other; Big Beli and Little Miss Marjie.
93. By her sister's words, she describes Marjory as always been such a loner.
94. In charr society, choosing to not kill a target (regardless of technicalities) is going against your superior, which gives them the right to kill the criminal on the spot for their actions.